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Diaper Stripping

Stripping cloth diapers refers to a process of deep-cleaning them to remove any buildup of residues, such as detergent, hard water minerals, or diaper cream. Stripping is usually done when cloth diapers start to lose their absorbency or develop unpleasant odors even after regular washing. Here are some common reasons for stripping cloth diapers:

Residue Buildup

Over time, detergents, mineral deposits from hard water, and diaper creams can accumulate in the fibers of cloth diapers. This buildup can lead to reduced absorbency, making the diapers less effective in containing moisture.

Odor Issues

If proper washing routines aren't followed, bacteria can thrive in the diaper fibers, causing lingering odors. Stripping helps eliminate these odor-causing bacteria and refreshes the diapers.

Rashes or Sensitivity

Sometimes, babies can develop rashes or experience skin sensitivity due to detergent residue left in the diapers. Stripping removes these residues, reducing the chances of skin irritation.

Restoring Absorbency

Stripping can help restore the diapers' original absorbency by removing any barriers that hinder the absorption of liquids.

It's essential to note that stripping should only be done when necessary, as it involves rigorous cleaning and might cause wear and tear to the diapers over time. Regular maintenance and following proper washing routines can minimize the need for frequent stripping. If you're unsure about whether your cloth diapers need stripping or how to do it, it's best to consult with experienced cloth diaper users or follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

At Mumma Duck's we can get your diapers almost like new again. ALL PRICES PLUS HST

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1 week turn around time

Pickup/ Delivery to strip up to 20 diapers. Examples of one diaper are: a pre-fold, a fitted diaper, an all-in-one diaper, a pocket diaper with one insert. Above the 20 diapers, a $1.00 fee per diaper, $0.50 fee per insert & $0.10 fee per wipe.