Mumma Duck's Diaper Services

Mumma Duck's FAQ

Mumma Duck's Diaper Services is a company that provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution for diapering your baby. We offer a cloth diaper rental and cleaning service, making it easy for parents to use reusable cloth diapers without the hassle of washing them at home.
Pre-folds and covers are the #1 recommended easiest way to cloth diaper a newborn. Simply replace the insert when soiled and reuse the cover. It's that easy and you are doing your part for the environment too!
So what do you need to know about using Mumma Duck's Diaper Services?

When should I start the service?

It's never too late to start! Whether you start the day your baby is born or at eight months old.

Starting a cloth diaper service can be done at any time, depending on your preferences and needs. Here are some scenarios to consider:

From Birth: If you decide to use cloth diapers from the day your baby is born, it's a great choice for reducing waste and being environmentally friendly. As mentioned, you can arrange for the initial startup supplies to be delivered a week or two before your due date. This way, you'll have everything ready when the baby arrives, and you can contact the diaper service to begin the weekly cleaning service about a week after the birth.

After a Few Weeks: If you want to get used to your new routine with the baby before introducing cloth diapers, you can start the service a few weeks after birth. Many parents use disposables in the first weeks due to convenience or while adjusting to life with a newborn. Then, when you're ready to switch to cloth diapers, you can sign up for the service.

When You Feel Prepared: Some parents may feel overwhelmed in the early months and prefer to wait until they are more comfortable with baby care before starting cloth diapers. This could be around three to six months or even later. Whenever you feel ready to take on the extra task of cloth diapering, you can begin the service.

At Any Age: If your baby is already several months old, you can still start using cloth diapers and sign up for the diaper service. There's no age limit, and cloth diapers can be used until your child is ready for potty training.

Ultimately, the choice of when to start the cloth diaper service is entirely up to you. Consider your lifestyle, comfort level, and environmental concerns when making the decision. Cloth diapers are a sustainable choice that can be adopted at any time during your baby's diapering years.

If starting from birth, we simply deliver the initial startup supplies one week prior to your due date on our regular delivery day. Then when you actually give birth you contact us to let us know the great news and we start scheduling weekly cleaning service approximately one week after.

How do I sign up for your service?

Signing up for our service is super easy, Use one of our contact methods, Let is know your first and last name, your address for service and billing, contact number for delivery updates, email address. We'll contact you and send you the link for our diaper covers and wet travel bags if you are using our Ultimate Starter Package, you choose the ones you want and we send out a contract for our services and an invoice. We drop off your starter package if ordered and we then set up a video call to show you how it all works. You then call us when you want to start the service. Its super easy.

How many diapers will I get and will it be enough?

Generally to start off babies can go through anywhere from 70-80 diapers a week, so you will receive the first half of your diapers in the initial supplies and the second half will be delivered on your next delivery day. From then on you will only receive  the exact diapers and wipes of what you have sent out the previous week. Mumma Duck's will keep track of the number of diapers being delivered and picked up each week. If you find you have too many diapers on hand and you would prefer to cut back on the quantity to free up space, we will work with you to ensure you have the optimum amount.

No long term contract or commitment!

We only require one weeks notice prior to your next standard delivery day. We would be sorry to see you go, but you can simply notify us you no longer require our services and place all Mumma Duck's diapers, wipes, wet pail bags, diaper sprayer and the diaper pail out for pickup on your next weeks regular delivery day. We would not drop off any further diapers or wipes. There will not be any refund for any weeks already paid in advance. The covers provided are yours to keep. 

Do I have to spray my diaper inserts?

If your baby is exclusively breastfed: When changing your baby simply throw the soiled diaper or wipe into the provided wet bag in the pail and close the lid.

If your baby is NOT exclusively breastfed: When changing your baby, use the provided diaper sprayer (that comes with your initial setup) to rinse off any solids into your toilet. Then throw the diaper or wipe into the provided wet bag in the pail and close the lid.

Do I have to be home for delivery/ pickup?

In most cases no, you do not have to be home. On delivery day simply have your dirty diapers and dirty wipes in the wet bag on your doorstep by 8:00 am on the same scheduled day each week. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time as there are many variables that will determine the time we arrive including new clients, traffic and the weather.

But Yes, you will have to be home if you live in an apartment or condo. We will need to be buzzed in so we can deliver them directly to your door. Neither clean or dirty diapers and wipes will be left outside. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time as there are many variables that will determine the time we arrive including new clients, traffic and the weather. (But we will try to keep it at roughly the same time each week unless notified otherwise, the night prior.)

What if I forget to put out my dirty diapers and wipes?

Mumma Duck's will send a reminder notice the day before to remind you to have the wet bag on your doorstep by 8:00 am. If you forget, we will still leave the clean diapers and wipes but we will charge a service fee of $15.00 to come back prior to your next weekly delivery in order to have them clean by the next scheduled weekly clean.