Mumma Duck's Diaper Services

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Alicia B.
MummaDucks has made cloth diapering SO easy for us. They’ve been so helpful by answering any questions we have, doing a video call tutorial with us and always being willing to come drop off more diapers if our little one needs more. On top of the fantastic service they are so affordable and very comparable to buying disposable. Why not help the environment when you have a company like MummaDucks?! ?
Francine S.
If you are thinking of cloth diapering I highly recommend Mumma Ducks! A great service at a great price. Jenna and Andrew are very easy to work with and make the transition to cloth stress free. With the challenges of becoming a new mom and caring for a new born, they walked me through the process over video chat which was extremely helpful. Thank you for the great service! Two thumbs up!
Lyndsey A.
Mumma Ducks provide great services for cloth diapering. The pick up and drop of of diapers in dependable and timely, they send reminder texts and after all that, Andrew is still super friendly when he knocks on the door after I have forgotten to put the diapers out. They go out of their way to provide help and give tips on how to make cloth diapering work for you family.
I recently purchased some used fitted diapers that were stained and you could tell had some sort of build up from a poor wash routine. Even after tossing them through my own washing machine they still had a funky smell. I left them for Mumma Ducks to pick up with my weekly load and had them stripped and sanitized and I am so happy with the results. Funky smell is gone, they look almost brand new and even cleaner to the touch. This saved me HUNDREDS of dollars if I had purchased new. I know they are safe, clean and ready to use
Blair P.
Jenna & Andrew were incredible from the start. As any new parent will tell you, the first few months blur by and are full of steep learning curves. Mumma Duck’s Diaper Service made everything easy right from the get go - they were knowledgeable, readily available to help and answer any questions, flexible (which was extremely important to us), and above all, friendly, professional and very affordable. We would strongly recommend them and will be using their services well into the future! 
Jenna and Andrew have been incredibly helpful in teaching my husband and I all about cloth diapering. They met with us to demonstrate how to properly use the diapers and have always been available to help with any issues that have come up. Their deliveries are always dependable and I love that everything gets cleaned without me having to worry about it. I can honestly say that without their products and expertise I don’t think I would have found cloth diapering to be so easy to do!
Jackson C.
The service provides you with everything you need to cloth diaper, and the team is knowledgeable, extremely flexible, easy to work with, and has great communication. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to cloth diaper!
I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Mumma Ducks Diaper Service. The price is so affordable, and all my questions were answered in a timely and informative manner. Even diaper repairs! They’ve made the switch to cloth diapers super easy for this first time mom!
Annie S.
I’m not sure what type of magic you worked, but my fitted’s look even cleaner than they did last week. I had to give them a double take! It’s like the stains have vanished  and those weren’t even the ones you stripped! Seriously, you guys are awesome!!!