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Wash Your Stash

Mumma Duck's Diaper Services offers a specialized service called "Wash Your Stash" diaper cleaning. This service is designed to cater to parents who use their own cloth diapers for their babies.  Here's how the "Wash Your Stash" diaper cleaning service works:

Diaper Collection

Parents sign up for the service and receive a diaper pail bag. Throughout the week, they collect used cloth diapers in the bag.

Scheduled Pickup

Mumma Duck's Diaper Services provides a scheduled pickup service. A representative from the company will pick up the soiled diapers from the customer's home, once a week or as per the agreed-upon schedule.

Diaper Cleaning

Once collected, the soiled diapers are taken to Mumma Duck's facility for cleaning. They follow a thorough and eco-friendly cleaning process, which may involve pre-treatment, machine washing, and drying.

Quality Inspection

After washing, the diapers undergo a quality inspection to ensure they are stain-free and ready for reuse.


Once the diapers are clean and inspected, Mumma Duck's delivers the freshly laundered cloth diapers back to the customer's doorstep the following week

Repeat Service

The process continues on a regular schedule as agreed upon with the customer. Parents return the previously used diapers for cleaning, and the cycle repeats.

Benefits of using "Wash Your Stash" diaper cleaning services include:


  • Parents don't have to worry about washing cloth diapers themselves, saving time and effort.


  • The diapers are cleaned thoroughly, ensuring proper hygiene and minimizing the risk of rashes or infections.


  • Cloth diapers are already more eco-friendly than disposables, and using a service like this can further reduce the environmental impact.


  • While the service comes with a cost, it can still be more economical than continuously buying disposable diapers.

Weekly Service Payments Must Be Made In Full By The First Day Of Each Month. Price Varies Depending On How Many Days You Can Rotate Your Own Stash. Months That Have 5 Weeks Will Be Billed As Such. ALL PRICES PLUS HST

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Weekly Wash

No starter fees! You provide everything. We pick up your diapers and we clean them. (Some restrictions apply, contact us for details.)

$25.00 - $75.00